Hippy Fiasco

In 2011, Nathan Moore and his merry crew set out on a four month spontaneous tour of America
playing only where invited. All while webcasting 24/7 to the viewers who decided where the ship would go.

This is a rough edit of some of the footage to try to begin to tell the tale of Hippy Fiasco.

A 24/7 Real Reality Show with Acclaimed Songwriter Nathan Moore.

The Fiasco Manifesto by Dennis Cook

Throw open your doors and tune up the instruments, the Hippy Fiasco is coming your way! Modern troubadour Nathan Moore and his faithful road dogs Chad and Liz are embarking on a 4-month cross-country journey that will roam from California outwards, downwards and every-which-way-wards before returning to the Golden State for High Sierra Music Festival over 4th of July weekend. One part Keroac, one part Woody Guthrie, one part gypsy circus and a whole bunch of parts yet to be determined, the Grand National Hippy Fiasco 2011 is throwing their fate to the wind, traveling wherever folks beckon them and setting up shop in all manner of settings, traditional and otherwise. This isn’t a tour in the normal sense; this is an artfully aimless ramble designed to crack open mysteries, shake off constrictions and unleash inner beasties as the trio crisscrosses this great land, singing for bread, butter and a bed as they feed on dreams and fuel a few of their own!

The world is really magic, though we rarely act as if it is. To change this is the mission of the Hippy Fiasco, which aims to bring song to the silent, succor to the sad, delight to the distraught, and distraction to the determined. With sleight of hand and a songbook sagging with possibilities, Nathan and his coconspirators pledge themselves to eradicating doldrums and igniting wonderment. Nathan and co. will sweep into towns, living rooms, the backseats of cars and wherever else they’re welcomed and do whatever they possibly can to reveal the innate magic of existence and perhaps distract folks from today’s swirl of doom and confusion for a spell. It won’t always be rabbits yanked from hats (Nathan loves God’s little creatures too much), in fact, sometimes it’ll be a deep, dark truthful mirror he holds up that may not give us the answers we expect (face it, we’re not all the fairest in the land…). The unpredictability of the universe will be plumbed and prodded with music and stories, card tricks and coin tosses, tangents and charming flubs. The beauty of it all – at once delightful AND painful – will be stripped bare, or as close as can be managed on any given occasion (nakedness comes hard for some).

The 2011 Hippy Fiasco will be the sum of its myriad potential parts, with Nathan as the lightning rod for what might be when we all join together in the band, bringing our tunes, our tears, our laughter and whatever other precious things we can to the table. By its very nature, chaos and surprise will be integral aspects but also composition and carefully honed details. The dance between order and wildness burns like a hot coal inside the Hippy Fiasco, glowing red with the breath of all those who embrace the moments they share with Nathan and his rumpled posse. It is the aim of the Hippy Fiasco to transcend mere performance and inspire others to grab instruments and jig along. There is music – and magic – inside all of us, and Nathan Moore and his fellow newfangled hippies are on the road to divine where these things reside in everyone they meet. Set aside a few coins for gas money and burritos, stretch out so you’re supple enough to really grok their thang and get ready for a nationwide happening!