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Expect the spontaneous and unexpected whenever Nathan Moore goes live!

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Jabber Jawn with Steve Moore, Kyle Hogg & Nathan Moore

A talk show with Steve Moore, Kyle Hogg and Nathan Moore.

The three gather in Nathan's Land and talk about whatever comes to mind.

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American Night Owl with Nathan Moore

Anyone who has followed Nathan Moore over the years knows that, along with the 1,000 songs in his pocket, he's got more than a couple tricks up his sleeve. After a life of endless touring, one day he stopped and settled, with his wife, in his hometown of Staunton Virginia. When the pandemic struck, under lockdown, Nathan started streaming Live from his basement.

Over a year later now and Nathan is hooked and back to playing four nights a week like the old days, but instead of traveling town to town, he's playing to the world from home. Tune in and watch him ramble in his chair as he sings his old songs and writes new ones.

There's puppets, there's magic, there's talk of the day and limitless ways the audience is invited to interact with the show. Your influence could easily turn this ship around.

The Whole Other with Nathan Moore & Lex Park

A project that started on live internet radio streaming, The Whole Other is an electronic duo featuring Lex Park, who joins Nathan to take NM songs on cosmic explorations using beats, synthesizers and looping electric guitar and bass. Their motto is "have faith and listen" as they use NM songs as the leaping off point for improvisation and musical experiments. The songs are familiar but no T.W.O. performances are ever the same.

OK Google It! with Mr. Moore

Nathan and his Dad, Mr. Moore, host a fast fun-filled trivia game show that includes 20 Questions where the first right answer in the chat gets the points and winner gets two bottle of Taos Hum Hot Sauce.

You never know who is going to show up and what you might learn!

"This is a game show with my dad, he has questions that he's gonna ask and if you're watching you're in the game. Get your qwerty ready to play! If you don't know the answer, then it's OK you can Google it! Just do it fast and get it in, first in the chat the point will win!"

Bedtime Stories


Hippy Fiasco is a tribute to the Lemonist philosophy of turning a challenging situation into creative opportunities. We not only make lemonade, we make it together and share it with our friends.

Originally born over a decade ago with Nathan Moore's Hippy Fiasco Rides Again tours, the "Fiasco" returned virtually in March 2020 as COVID shut down the world.

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